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Friends and supporters of the Union Gospel Mission have always been known for their generosity and selflessness, but this month we think we have found the most creative and inspirational demonstration of these traits that we have seen in a long time.

We would like to introduce you to Greg. In many ways, Greg and his family are typical of many of you who have been long-time financial contributors to the work of UGM. They realize the need and have seen the results. That may be the point where Greg and the word "typical" part company!

As the story goes...Greg's wife, Lynda Jo, felt that Greg was not  getting enough exercise for the 50-something husband and father that he was. So she registered him to compete in the 2011 Warrior Dash in Afton, MN on Sunday, July 24th. Being the good sport that she is, she also registered herself and their son to compete alongside him.

If you are not familiar with a Warrior Dash, it is a 5K "Run" through a course filled with mud, as well as other physical  obstacles. To make matters even worse, much of the course is uphill at the Afton Alps Ski Area.

Now it just so happened that the same day his wife informed him of her "deed", Greg received in the mail an urgent letter from the Union Gospel Mission, the same letter that many of you received, which outlined the need to quickly raise a little over $200,000 to expand the showers and add a laundry facility to the UGM's Men's Residence. (Click Here to learn more about this need)

Well, with what we believe to be a bit of "Divine Inspiration", Greg made the connection between running more than 3 miles in the mud and UGM's need to improve its shower and laundry facility! So, Greg fired off an email to all of his friends, family and colleagues to "challenge" them to make a financial pledge to UGM based on his time to complete the course. Greg also pledged to "match" each of those donations his one of his own!

The rest of the story is best told in the pictures below, but it must be noted that because of one family's willingness to get "down-and-dirty" for the Union Gospel Mission, more than $1,200 was raised!

Thank you Greg! We just want you to know that you are - Making a Difference!!!

Before: Greg and his family appear ready for the challenges that lie ahead.   Greg even outfitted his team with t-shirts proclaiming themselves as "Warriors against Homelessness"
At the start, everyone looked clean and focused on the course in front of them.   That focus quickly shifted as they found themselves crawling through 4 inches of thick mud!
Greg's team persevered and kept going...   ...even as the rain started and increased the difficulty.
In the end, competitors made a triumphant,
yet muddy, march to the Finish Line.
  After: Greg and the team show great spirit after getting, "down-and-dirty" for the Union Gospel Mission!


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